Material Calculators available

Material Calculators :
* Measure the lineal footage of all of the metal ribs where the panels are overlapped and screwed together, the perimeter (metal nosings) of the corrugated metal roof and any other penetrations, skylights, or vents. These areas, including the ribs, will be 3-Coursed with Acu-Caulk;BG and Acu-Fabric. If using a 4" width of Acu-Fabric., divide lineal ft. by 33. If using a 6" width, divide by 22 to obtain gallons of Acu-Caulk;BG.
Tools Required for Application:
  • Work clothes; Rubber gloves; sharp scissors
  • Push Broom with soft bristles
  • Paint brush - good quality synthetic bristles
  • Roller: long nap
  • Spray water bottle; water for tool clean-up
  • Airless sprayer. 3000 P.S.I., 2 g.p.m. capacity with a #631 tip
Important Application Information:

* DO NOT APPLY products if rain is imminent within 24 hours, or during fog or drizzle. products are water-based and could wash off if not fully dried.

* DO NOT APPLY when temperatures are below 40° F. Protect materials from freezing and extreme heat.

* White colored coatings dry slowly when temperatures are below 55° F. Dark colors dry much faster. Areas shaded from sunlight dry very slowly. 72 hours or more may be required for proper curing.


* KEEP AWAY from children.

* CAUTION! Wet acrylic is extremely slippery when stepped on. Use a safety rope around you on sloped surfaces.

* Wash up completely with water, abrasive hand cleaner, or cold cream and a fibered wash cloth. Remove dried materials from hands and clothing as soon as possible.