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Why Buy Energy Star Roofing?

To Save the Earth
In the U.S., most electricity is generated by the burning of fossil fuels, such as oil, coal, and natural gas. When these fuels are burned, they create air pollution that contributes to global warming and causes smog, acid rain and respiratory disease.

ENERGY STAR-compliant roof products reflect the sun's heat and prevent it from entering a home or building, thereby reducing the amount of electricity needed to run air conditioning and maintain indoor comfort. As a home or building owner, choosing ENERGY STAR-labeled roof products will help you stay comfortable and help the environment.
To Save Money
Wasted energy not only harms the environment, it also inflates energy bills. Building owners alone spend approximately $40 billion each year to air condition buildings. But ENERGY STAR-labeled roof products reduce the amount of air conditioning needed in homes or buildings and can reduce accompanying energy bills by up to 50%. In fact, for a typical home in the South, installing an Energy Star-labeled roof product could save the homeowner at least $600 over the product's lifetime.
How a Roof Product Qualifies for the Energy Star Label
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) promote the use to products that help save energy by awarding the ENERGY STAR label, the symbol for energy efficiency. Roof products that meet or exceed reflectivity criteria, without compromising product quality and performance, qualify for the ENERGY STAR label. Manufacturers voluntarily sign agreements with EPA allowing them to place the ENERGY STAR label on the packaging of compliant roof products. They also use the label in product promotions and advertising for qualified products.
Benefits of ENERGY STAR-Labeled Roof Products

The ENERGY STAR label helps make purchasing decisions easier. Installing ENERGY STAR-labeled roof products has the following benefits:

  • Cost and Energy Savings - Energy Star-labeled roof products decrease the amount of air conditioning needed to cool a home or building, reducing energy use and monthly cooling bills.
  • Downsized A/C Equipment - A reflective roof can reduce peak cooling demand by 10-15 percent. As a result, the home or building owner may be able to purchase a smaller, more efficient, and less-expensive cooling system.
  • Lowered Surrounding Air Temperature - As more homes and businesses in communities install reflective roofs, the overall surrounding air temperature and cooling demand of the community will decrease.
  • Decreased Pollution in Urban Areas - Roofs made of non-reflective products cause the temperature of air passing over them to rise, resulting in an increase in overall temperature of the area, also known as a "heat island effect". The elevated temperature leads to increased building and vehicle air conditioning demand, increased levels of smog, and the associated increased incidence of heat- and smog- related health problems. Because ENERGY STAR-labeled roof products lower the surrounding air temperature and decrease necessary cooling demands, they reduce the amount of smog in the air and benefit the entire community.

Energy Star-compliant roof products for homes or buildings meet specifications based on the products' solar reflectance - the percentage of solar radiation reflected by a surface. The products must be tested to ensure that they meet criteria for both initial solar reflectance and the maintenance of that reflectance over time.


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