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Polyurethane Foam Roof Coating

Acrylic Roof Coating and Urethane Foam System Restores 60 Year Old Roof
Restored Polyurethane Roof

Even in a heavy industrial environment, the roof mastic based on RHOPLEX EC acrylic will retain its white, reflective color.

The roof had become impossible to patch. Leaks were damaging a sizeable inventory of cardboard cartons and bagged pigments at Rohm and Haas Company's Bristol Plant warehouse. The company avoided replacing the roof with the installation of an acrylic elastomeric coating / urethane foam system. A formulation based on RHOPLEX EC-1791 acrylic polymer was selected for the job because of its superior adhesion to polyurethane foam.

Constant expanding and contracting of the metal due to temperature changes led to splits in the panel seams. This photograph was taken from inside of the building looking up.

The Building
Name:Rohm and Haas Bristol Plant Building
Location:Bristol, PA
Use:Industrial Warehouse
Environment: Heavy Industrial
Condition: Constant expansion and contraction of the metal due to temperature changes caused splits in the panel seams and deterioration of the asphalt and felts. This caused leakage from holes, open seams, and rust spots. In many areas, rust spots had turned into holes.

Preparation : The roof was brushed clean. In some cases, galvanized steel panels were used to patch large holes in the roof. A contact adhesive-foam bond primer-was sprayed on the new steel to enable the foam to adhere to the steel. One-inch minimum of three pound density rigid polyurethane foam was sprayed on top of the repaired roof.

The repaired corrugated metal roof receives a polyurethane foam application, which forms a seamless water tight seal over the roof.

Rusted Metal Trusses
Spraying Polyurethane Foam
Spraying Elastomeric Coating over PU Foam
The Roof
Size:4,000 square feet (upper section) 3,870 square feet (lower section)
Age:60 years old
Substrate:Corrugated galvanized metal panels covered with asphalt asbestos.
Elastomeric Coating Application
Date:June 1983
Method:Spray (First and Second Coats )
Formulation:ARM-91-1, based on RHOPLEX EC-1791 acrylic
Coverage:3 gallons per 100 square feet
Thickness :30 dry mils
Time:6 hours
Weather Conditions :High humidity and temperature in the high 90s
Dry Time Between Coats: Overnight
Elastomeric roof mastics based on RHOPLEX EC acrylic prolong the life of polyurethane foam by protecting it from ultraviolet degredation.

Inventory at the warehouse remains dry due to the sprayed urethane foam which provided a durable light weight, seamless base, eliminating joints and seams where water leaks had developed. Formulation ARM-91-1, designed to have superior adhesion to foam, maintains its durability and dirt pick-up resistance.


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